NITI shape-memmory alloys with different geometries, such as: wires, springs, tubes, and plates. Including: robotics grippers, sensors, and actuators.

Nickel Titanium

Nitinol represents a shape-memory alloy, wherein this specific nickel-titanium combination possesses the remarkable ability to recall and revert to its initial cold-forged configuration when subjected to heat.

Robotic Grippers

Robotic grippers find extensive use in automation and industrial settings, where they play a crucial role in tasks ranging from pick-and-place operations to assembly processes.

Nitinol Springs

These springs are engineered to exhibit a unique property: the ability to revert to their original shape after being deformed, simply by applying heat.

Nitinol Plates

Nitinol plates are flat, thin sheets made from a shape-memory alloy composed of nickel and titanium. These plates possess a remarkable ability to "remember" their original shape, even after significant deformation.