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Auburn Science and Engineering Center –   The University of Akron, Ohio USA – 2014


Ohio Aerospace Institute – Cleveland – 2014

UAkron pictureA picture with all of the faculties in the Mechanical Engineering Department at The University of Akron, Ohio USA – Spring 2014

Dilibal-TsigeA picture with Dr. Mesfin Tsige and hisgroup (Ram Bhatta, Yeneneh Yalew Yimer, Selemon Bekele, Alankar Rastogi, Zhuonan Liu, Kshitij C. Jha (K.C.), Katherine Starr) 

The University of Akron, Department of Polymer Science May 2014


A picture with Dr. Erik Engeberg  The University of Akron, Mechanical Engineering Department May 2014


Dr.Ruben Santamarta (Univ of Balearic Islands) and Dr.Dilibal    March 2013 (TMS 2013)

NASADr.Saleeb (Univ of Akron), Dr. Santo Padula (NASA Glenn Research Center) , Dr.Dilibal (Univ of Akron )and Dr.Dhakal (Univ of Akron) 2013



 S.Dilibal – The University of Akron Main Campus in Akron, Ohio – Jan 2013


 Prof Qingping Sun (Hong Kong University), Prof Yinong Liu (University of Western Australia)and Dr.Savas Dilibal at the SMA Workshop in Istanbul, Turkey, 2010


 Prof Huseyin Sehitoglu (Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Dr.Reginald F.Hamilton (Penn-State Univ) and Dr.Savas Dilibal at the SMA Workshop in Istanbul, Turkey,   2010

Koc University (2009) with Demircan Canadinc and Hans Maier

Yeditepe 2008 Yeditepe University, Mechanical Engineering Department, Istanbul, Turkey,   2008